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About RoboReps

The RoboReps Story

RoboReps specializes in integrated robot applications, and is North American Master Distributor for DASA Robots, manufactured by DongbuRobot. Our broad application experience, expertise in software, firmware, and PLC/Integration, are keys to your speedy Return On Investment in the robotics arena.

With the flexibility to expertly deploy, and service, single axis systems, up to fully integrated multi-axis systems (all utilizing complex, and high-end, tooling requirements), we have developed and deployed a wide variety of systems:

  • Desktop, SCARA, Assembled Cartesian, Clean Room systems
  • Work Station, In-Line, Overhead, Common Controller tool integration
  • Integrated PLC, Dispensing Equipment, Vision, Screwdrivers, Coatings, Precision Gasketing, Pick and Place, Light Fabrication, Pressing, etc.
  • Variations on a theme and non-standard configurations
  • Completely open to working with your favorite Systems Integrator

So take a moment to tell us about your needs today – and we'll help you.

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Ball Aerospace • Watlow • Kohler • Kimball Electronics • Cooper-Bussman

About RoboReps